America Shattered- Is Revolution Just Around the Corner?

About the only thing everyone can seem to agree on these days is that America seems to have gone crazy, along with the rest of the world. Political correctness has taken common sense, put it in a blender, and ripped it to shreds. Our language has been hijacked, and our laws seem to favor small minorities or non-citizens over regular Americans.

The government has lost its mind, gone rogue, and is on a mission separate from the people, as opposed to working with and for the people. Ideology rules the day and, if you don’t agree, then you are part of the problem.


America is shattered- what will it take to restore balance?

Polarized society

Liberals today complain that conservatives have gone too far to the right. In reality, liberals have gone so far left that normal people seem extreme to them. They vilify their opponents and think of them as real enemies now. Some may think revolution is long overdue, but it seems hard to fathom in our civilized society and with the comfortable lives that many of us lead. That’s probably why it’s taken so long to come to this crisis point.

In his book Shattered Consensus, author James Piereson makes the case that a next “revolution” is inevitable because the citizenry has become so polarized in so many facets of our lives that we are no longer able to resolve our differences as a country. He also blames some global conflicts on “America’s failure to agree on how we should govern ourselves and relate to the world,” although many would put much of that blame at the feet of the current occupant of the White House for the latter.

Polarized society as someone tries to take a flag from another- photo via

Politicians and protesters are pitting Americans against each other, hoping for chaos. There is a “dumbed-down” mentality that, in an irrational need to make all things equal, there is a desire to drag the country down so that everybody will be equally miserable.

Intolerant liberals

For all the talk about tolerance and anti-bullying, those on the Left prove time and again they are the least tolerant among us. Some progressive liberals have suggested harsh punishments for those who don’t buy in to the global warming/climate change hoax. Science is settled, in their opinion, which means there is no more room for debate. See things their way or you are the enemy.

The latest example of liberal hate comes courtesy of a teacher from Georgia who said of a student, well known 13 year-old conservative CJ Pearson, he’s not worth saving in a fire.” This statement is neither offensive, racist, or hateful, though, since hate speech only applies to those on the right side of the aisle.

Double standards 

And therein lies part of the problem. There is now one set of laws for the governing class (think Hillary Clinton) and one for the masses. There is one set of behavior that is permitted by half the country and not permitted for the other half. America has always had disagreement among people, but now we are truly divided among ourselves.

Will the next revolution be armed or peaceful? Nobody knows, but it appears the time is near for balance to be restored. Scary, uncertain times lay ahead and, as Mr. Piereson says in his book, things are likely going to get worse before they get better.