Is America Really Secure?

Faye Higbee

Is America Really Secure?

At Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv, Israel, the security people are trained to recognize terrorists. They know the body language, the facial expressions, the lie postures and ‘tell’ signs of the enemies of Israel. Our TSA are trained to use machines and practice procedures. The difference? They really want to catch the terrorists, we do not.

Passenger oriented security

And article by Daniel Wagner at the Huffpost revealed what happens when you visit Israel’s Ben Gurion airport:

All vehicles that arrive at Ben Gurion must first pass through a preliminary security checkpoint where armed guards search the vehicle and exchange a few words with the driver and occupants to gauge their mood and intentions. Plain clothes officers patrol the area outside the terminal building, assisted by sophisticated hidden surveillance cameras which operate around the clock. Armed security personnel patrol the terminal and keep a close eye on people entering the terminal building. If any persons seem suspicious or anxious, security personnel will approach them and engage them in conversation in an effort to gauge their intentions and mood. Vehicles are subject to a weight sensor, a trunk x-ray and an undercarriage scan.

Departing passengers are questioned by highly trained security agents before they reach the check-in counter. These interviews could last as little as one minute or as long as an hour, based on such factors as age, race, religion and destination. Unlike in many western airports, passengers are not required to remove their shoes while passing through physical screening processes. Furthermore, there are no sophisticated x-ray machines; rather, traditional metal detectors are still in operation.

Think about it – in one of the most dangerous regions in the world, they don’t even make you take off your shoes!  They employ highly skilled Army members, not civilian contractors, as security personnel.

They don’t “leave anything to chance” and also monitor  the parts of the airport not frequented by passengers. While they have arrays of technology if they need it…their skilled security personnel are usually able to ferret out the passengers who might be a danger.

Is their system “infallible?”  Of course not. They have had security personnel be charged with things just like we have. But they have managed to achieve a level of protection that America has not. Our rate of catching contraband and bad guys is much lower than theirs.

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What America does- rely on technology 

The problem lies in two areas: 1) who we hire as security, and 2) the constant whining from the left about “profiling.” So instead of evaluating people, we use technology. And that doesn’t always work.

Recent Inspector General reports reveal 95% of contraband – including mock weapons and explosives – made their way through U.S. TSA security check points.  A dangerous and ominous sign of America’s security posture. UTT

We use civilian TSA agents rather than skilled military. We also tend to be so worried about profiling that we employ people who may not in fact be on “our side.”   Many Sharia-compliant Muslims are hired as security at airports around the country, which may be a serious mistake one day.


There is no emphasis on eye contact, no gut instinct utilized in our security system. But no worries, we have fancy machines to do our security’s thinking for them.