Amarillo Hostage Taker Shot by Police

Amarillo, Texas – a man who walked into a Texas Walmart is dead after taking hostages, according to news reports. A SWAT team shot the suspect. The active shooter situation is over, and the hostages are safe. Police are calling the incident “workplace violence.”

The initial reports were of a Somali man wearing khakis who had taken one or two hostages inside the Amarillo Walmart Supercenter. It was reported that the man was a former employee of the store, who took two employees – one a manager-  to the back and locked them in a bathroom.

A Somali man took hostages at an Amarillo, Texas Walmart

Surrounding businesses immediately went into lockdown.

The Amarillo Globe News reported,

Jeff Nunn, president of Citizens Bank at 4117 Georgia St S, says his bank went on lockdown at 11:20am. There are no customers inside, but about 10 employees. All are safe. Nunn says the fence around the bank is too tall to see anything happening at the Walmart, and he hasn’t seen or heard anything specific that is happening. He says when it began, helicopters and “probably every police car and emergency vehicle in Amarillo were there” very quickly, maybe 20 vehicles in all.


The suspect’s license plate came back to Muhammad Khalid from Amarillo, according to broadcastify.


According to a few of the reports, when they searched the man’s car, they found some “Arabic” writing and an empty holster.

But of course, that could be anything, and totally innocuous. Time will tell if it is significant.

If the man was a former employee, that’s why they have classified it as “workplace violence.” But is also it may be a Ramadan action of some sort of revenge for some perceived “slander” of the “prophet.” Or maybe this guy just wanted his 5 minutes of fame.