Aly Webster Freedom Loving, Dog Loving, Contestant on Surviving Mann

Aly Webster is unstoppable. She is totally dedicated to everything she does, which even includes owning a nonprofit dog rescue called ‘Dawgs Fight Back.’ She’s a fitness coach who trains women to compete, she works for a company that prepares retirement plans for small businesses, and don’t forget shooting. Her daily schedule is intense, for lack of a better word.

Surviving Mann and the love of shooting

Aly enjoys the sport of shooting, and hopes to soon get into more competitions. Surviving Mann competition included running, shooting, and even rappelling sections. She said she enjoyed Rick’s shoot house, which tested the skill of shooting on the run and making the right decisions on the way. Thirty two men and women competed in the Surviving Mann Competition. She told us they were all awesome.

Her favorite gun is a Glock 19 and she is proficient in many others.

Alyson Webster with an Uncle Sam’s Patton Series AR-15 (Instagram photo)

I never say no to anything. You should never be afraid to do something, because even if you fail, you’ll be better at it next time.

Aly Webster

Sports and politics

Alyson (Aly) Webster is from Maine. She played in sports like Field Hockey, Track, and Basketball. By college, (which she attended in Massachusetts), she competed in Division 2 Field Hockey. She says her Dad was involved in politics as a State Senator in Maine. Which is how she minored in Political Science and Communication, even interning for Maine Republican Senator Olympia Snowe in DC. She is knowledgeable…and she loves freedom.

Beauty and Fitness

She competed in WBFF- World Beauty Fitness and Fashion. She currently trains women to compete in this type of venue.

I give them a questionnaire with goals. Then I design custom workouts each week and adjust them as they go along. Sometimes life throws them a curveball and they have trouble losing the weight. But I can help them get to a stage where they can compete. I even have some lifetime clients. My clients range from 20 to 50 years old.

Aly Webster

Dog Rescue

Aly Webster is a passionate dog lover – so much so that she founded a nonprofit rescue called “Dawgs Fight Back” in 2017. One of her missions is to rehab dogs that have been abused. She told us they get 50-60 dogs from Texas every month. Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states, but people still violate that law – to the detriment of the animals. The cruelty is unimaginable to those of us who are animal lovers.

Alyson adopted her first pit, Anella, who was rescued in Philadelphia from a dog fighting operation, where she was used as a bait dog. From then on, Alyson has made it her passion to help save dogs from dog fighting and abusive situations.

Our mission is to help rescue broken dogs, help care for them and help rehab them back into our communities. Through a thorough process, we help find these dogs a loving and forever home with guidance, tools and resources for each family to become champions for life.

Dawgs Fight Back website
Aly with Anella
This is freckles. He was stabbed in the head, beaten ( dislocated jaw and broken eye sockets), thrown in a trash bag and dumped on the side of the road. ūü§¨Thanks to all the supporters of @dawgsfightback , we were able to save this boys life ! Today I got to meet this baby in person and he is just so precious ! He will never have to be around such heartless people again!! He is going to his forever family and we are so happy to have been able to be part of his journey. 
Aly rescues puppies and grown dogs, even mothers with puppies, whoever needs her help.

We got the impression that Aly Webster doesn’t fail at much because she has an attitude of perseverance. She’ll stay on track with all she does, you can count on it. Best wishes, Aly!


Featured photo: Instagram of Aly Webster

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