Allina Clinic in MN: Multiple Injured After Shooting, Bomb Detonated

Faye Higbee
allina clinic

One person is in custody after a shooting injured multiple people at the Allina Clinic Crossroads Campus in Buffalo, Minnesota, about 40 miles Northwest of Minneapolis. After the shooting, it was reported that a homemade bomb was detonated as well, pushing the first responders back away from the clinic. The suspect was identified as Gregory Paul Ulrich, 67. He is due to appear in court on Thursday morning.

Update: One person from Tuesday’s rampage died. Reports on Wednesday say that Ulrich had a “grudge” against the clinic for not giving him more painkillers, and previously made threats. (Fox)

The shooting occurred around 11 a.m. Tuesday morning. The gunman opened fire inside the Allina Clinic, and reportedly, at least one bomb went off about 30 minutes later. Another bomb was thought to be in a nearby Super 8 motel about a mile away. The suspect, a white male with a handgun, was said to have told everyone in the clinic that there were bombs in the building. There is conflicting information, as there usually is in a breaking news story. Some media reporting there was no bomb, most others saying there was one blast that left broken windows. There is an investigation ongoing at the Super 8.

One dispatcher said his partner was on the phone with the suspect doing the shooting. “He is saying that there are bombs inside,” the dispatcher is heard saying. “He is telling law enforcement to back off.”

Star Tribune

After tense moments, the man finally surrendered to police.

The Minnesota State Patrol transported six “boxes of blood” to the Buffalo hospital.

The aircraft that responded to the call were told not to fly directly over the scene due to the possibility of another bomb.

At least five victims were reported as critical. It is unclear if there were others wounded. Police advised people to stay away as police and the bomb squad combed the scene. Bomb sniffing dogs were deployed for the vehicles and the buildings.

“I’ve got four or five with gunshots back here,” an officer said, adding that at least three of the victims were women, with one shot in the abdomen and another in the spinal cord, acording to the audio. “Send as many ambulances as you can.”

Star Tribune

The suspect

Police have not released a motive.

Sixty-seven-year-old Gregory P. Ulrich, from Buffalo, is currently being held in the Wright County Jail. Law enforcement says Ulrich is no stranger to them, as they have handled “several calls” involving Ulrich since 2003. 

Gregory Paul Ulrich, Wright County Jail


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