Allegiance Ammo – One Shot and Done

By Faye Higbee

Allegiance Ammo has a unique product that can drop a 2 or 4 legged predator from bad guys to wild boars with one shot. Jeff Mullins told us that people actually laughed at him when he mentioned that fact…until the hogs dropped with one shot during testing. And the caliber didn’t matter. From 9mm to .45, the effect was the same: one shot, done.

Jeff laughingly called himself  “an old jack of all trades, master of none.” But that’s not true. He’s been in the ammo business for 18 years and his lethal creation is real. It took some serious smarts to come up with a lead-free tactical bullet.

Allegiance Ammo’s CEO, Jeff Mullins, and our own Rick Ferran

Who is Jeff Mullins, CEO of Allegiance Ammo?

Jeff graduated high school in 1976. He worked in the mines from 1976-1999, and had been active in the sport of shooting for years. In 1996, he began a quest to find a frangible lead-free bullet. But it was a tough process. It took him all day to make that first bullet. The next day he doubled his production and made two bullets.

At the time, the industry considered frangibles as “training bullets.” Jeff wanted to develop a tactical bullet that was the opposite of what the standard lead core rounds could do. He came up with a 9mm round of compressed powdered metal. He decided to test it out on wild boars.

His guide emphatically told him that it takes about 15 rounds of 9mm to take down a wild boar. But those are the standard lead core JHP type bullets. Jeff believed that his frangible round would take them down with one shot. At first, he thought all the hype about the wild boars was just that – hype. So he stood in the middle of the road in front of one. It kept coming at him.

“In that game of chicken, I lost.”

The first hog he shot was with the .45  round. One shot and the hog was dead. They did an autopsy and found massive internal damage.

Then he used a KAHR-K9, 9mm and got the dogs involved in the hunt. With that 4 inch pistol, adrenaline coursing through the hog, one shot and it was dead. The autopsy showed massive damage again that no one had ever seen before. He knew he had something different, but wasn’t sure exactly what it was. And he still had FBI regulations to follow for a tactical bullet.

The bullet made NO EXIT- in other words, the bullet would be safe to use if a loved one was standing behind the suspect – because the bullet would hit the soft tissue and fragment, which is what caused all the tissue damage, but not exit the body.

Whether it’s hard targets or soft tissue targets, the rounds perform perfectly.

Jeff was called a “snake oil salesman.” They claimed it was a hoax. People hoped Allegiance would go out of business, especially the competition. The OneStrike round that was designed for use inside a home or metal structure… lethal, effective, is just one of the 3 different types of rounds that Jeff makes.

Allegiance makes several calibers for different purposes: home defense, tactical situations, extreme hunting. You can read about them all at their website: They also have Facebook, and Instagram pages.

Jeff Mullins has the last laugh on those who didn’t think his bullets would amount to anything.

Rick Ferran (Tank) spent some time shooting with Jeff. Here is that video: