Albuquerque Shooting – 3 Wounded, Suspect Found Dead

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Waid Anthony Melton, 30, walked into the Ben E. Keith Food Distribution warehouse on Monday evening, and opened fire. He wounded three people, all of whom were in critical condition at the time of this writing. A manhunt ensued, and the suspect was later found dead about 30 minutes north of the scene at Placitas, New Mexico, according to Fox.

Police responded to the warehouse business for an active shooter call at around 6:15 p.m. The employer identified Suspect Waid Melton as an employee at the business. A SWAT team was called in to check the business for the shooter, but no other victims were found. A few hours later Melton was found dead beside his truck at around midnight.



Police issued this statement:

“Waid Anthony Melton, the suspect in the Ben E Keith warehouse shooting, was located deceased near his vehicle in the area of Placitas, NM off the northbound interstate 25 frontage in Sandoval County. Police are investigating this scene.The cause of death is under investigation and no further details are available.

His social media profile on Facebook lists his employment since 2013 as a “morel mushroom picker.” (It’s likely a sarcastic reference.)

Melton’s Facebook account appears to still be up, but any posts since 2016 were either nonexistent or removed by law enforcement. He described himself as “antisocial.” He may have been a Bernie Sanders supporter. A few things gave some insight into his thought process, but many of his posts were shared ones, not originals, with the exception of pictures of his pitbull dog. These are a few of his posts, which may reflect a desire to be a “gangster” type individual.

Other employees at the warehouse seemed genuinely shocked that he was the shooter, as they called him “quiet” and always willing to help. Something was simmering. It’s usually the “quiet ones.”