Alan Dershowitz – Trump in Israel Saying and Doing All the Right Things

By Faye Higbee

Alan Dershowitz, a prominent liberal lawyer, stated on Fox Insider that President Trump is doing and saying all the right things so far on his trip to Israel. Apparently he hasn’t listened to the left wing media and that’s good, because their take on it is totally the opposite of his statement.

On Monday, Trump became the first sitting President to visit the Western Wall. It was a huge statement – the Western Wall of the Old City of Jerusalem is all that was left after the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70 A.D., even though it was not part of the actual Temple structure. It is sacred to Israelis, and people from all over the world pray there. Trump donned a yarmulke and went there for a quiet moment, even placing a note inside the wall – as is tradition.

The Israelis rolled out a different kind of red carpet for the President, and the friendship was evident as they overlooked all of the negative things the press was saying.

Anti-Trump hatred

There were no protests during the President’s visit to Saudi Arabia, the fake news media didn’t say much either. But the difference in tone was extremely evident once Trump set foot in Israel – where there is freedom, real freedom.

Protesters burned him in effigy, calling for a “Day of Rage” during his visit. The IDF clashed with Palestinians, and the media said “some were injured.” The liberal publication “Think Progress” claimed that he had confused and antagonized our allies while there, which was “fake news” at its finest.

The Fake news media delighted in showing the video of Melania supposedly “slapping away” her husband’s hand. Nearly every left wing news organization and a few million Twitter users had that video and even enhanced it. It was retweeted over and over again, making it a headline event, saying that she “really, really doesn’t like him.” Never mind that we have no context for it, they posted it anyway. We’re not showing it here- you can look it up yourself on Twitter.

They focused on a typo in his agenda that changed “peace” to “peach” – and by the way he didn’t write that agenda, someone else did, so they need to take it off their anti-Trump hate list.

They hopped all over him when he said he’d just returned from the Middle East to arrive in Israel – wanna know why? Because Israel doesn’t feel like the Middle East – it’s free. It’s an oasis, surrounded by enemies. The President is hoping that peace can be achieved.

When Ivanka went to the Western Wall to pray, leftists made fun of her too. They even made fun of her clothing, and her hat.

Ivanka at the Western Wall- photo via Twitter

Everything President Trump did had the news media trying to blow it up into something major. They said he couldn’t perform his duties this morning (not true)- in actuality, he was tired from the trip to Saudi Arabia. They published a fake document that said Trump had asked for tons of sugary treats.

One of the members of the Knesset who was not assigned to greet him pushed his way up to the President and asked for a selfie  – he got it. Trump was gracious to allow him the picture.

Tomorrow Trump will meet with Mahmoud Abbas and we’ll see if the “art of the deal” works. He said today that he understands it won’t be easy. It especially won’t be easy given that the news coverage is so against him.

Will this trip be a success?  It depends on who you listen to.