Airman Daniel Germenis – Killed in Crash by an Impaired Driver

daniel germenis

Airman Daniel Germenis was killed on Wednesday when an impaired driver crashed into 4 airmen as they were walking at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi. The impaired driver reportedly was on the herbal drug kratom.

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FBI officials state Bennett was driving south of Ploesti Drive on Keesler Air Force Base shortly after 1 p.m. Wednesday. He was allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed and narrowly avoided an accident with another vehicle, causing him to cross the northbound lane of Ploesti Drive and crash into a light pole. Investigators said the vehicle then struck four Airmen while they were walking on a walking track, killing one and injuring the others…

Two of the injured Airmen were treated at Keesler Medical Center and the third at a medical facility in New Orleans. All three are currently in stable condition.


According to reports, the driver, Emmett J. Bennett, 24, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and operation of a vehicle while impaired causing death.

Witnesses reported seeing Bennett acting strange prior to the incident, “getting into and out of his vehicle and cursing for no apparent reason.” …

Germenis was dragged about 100 feet, and the truck stopped about 180 feet from the point of impact, the report says.

After that, the complaint says, Bennett got out of his vehicle and walked over to Germenis who had been dragged by the pickup truck and started “shaking” him in an attempt to “wake him” up.

Germenis, who celebrated his one-month wedding anniversary two days before the tragic accident, later died at Keesler Medical Center, and the others suffered critical injuries. He was assigned to the 336th Training Squadron.


Biloxi police officer Jason Cummings conducted field sobriety tests on Bennett, and said that at first he seemed like he was falling asleep, then 39 minutes later a stimulant kicked in and Bennett was “pinging around the room.” Police believe the stimulant was kratom.

Kratom is not legal in all states, but is in Mississippi.

Newlywed Daniel Germenis was part of the 336th Training Squadron. He was a technical student studying ‘cyber systems operations.’

The Airmen of the 336th Training Squadron at Keesler Air Force Base are devastated by this tragedy. Daniel was a model Airman who was well-known throughout the organization for his enthusiasm and joyous spirit. He was a wingman to all of us and our thoughts are with his family

Lt. Col. Ken Hirose, 336th TRS commander (WAPT)


Featured photo: U.S. Air Force

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