Adam Putnam, Pro-2A Candidate For Florida Governor

By Faye Higbee

The current Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, can’t run again due to term limits. There is a large field of contenders vying for the Republican primary, and one of them is Adam Putnam. He’s a Conservative Republican who served both in the House of Representatives, and is currently the Agriculture Commissioner for the State of Florida.

He served in the U.S. House of Representatives for ten years, representing  Florida’s 12th congressional district from 2001 to 2011. He was the House Republican Conference Chairman from 2007-2009. We asked him to respond to questions for this article. We have posted his responses without comment:

Tell us about yourself:

“I’m a fifth generation Floridian from Bartow. I’m a husband and a father to four children in public schools. I’m a Christian who believes in the sanctity of life. And I’m a conservative.

I’m a farmer. I grew up on a citrus grove and cattle ranch, where the workday was not 9 to 5, and there were no holidays. That life taught me the value of hard work, perseverance and responsibility.

As Governor, I’ll fight for less government interference in our lives, and I will protect our Constitutional liberties.”

Ardent 2nd Amendment supporter

I am a lifetime member of the NRA, and I’m proud of that. And I own firearms. I’ve owned firearms for as long as I can remember.

Under my leadership, Florida’s concealed weapons license program has grown by 1 million license holders. It is now the largest program in the country. At the same time, Florida’s crime rate is at a 46-year low.

It’s my experience that a child who grows up with real firearms – not just firearms as part of a video game, but real firearms – understands the danger and the horror that they can cause if ever used to harm another human being. And because of that understanding, they are especially careful around firearms.

The recent tragedies that have occurred in our nation – the massacres at a country music concert in Las Vegas, a church worship service in Texas and a night club in Orlando – were acts of evil by people whose hearts were filled with hate. 

Let’s not confuse those people, whose hearts are so filled with hate that they would use firearms to hurt others, with the law-abiding citizens who have an appreciation for guns and a respect for life.

As law-abiding citizens of the United States of America, it is our right to bear arms. And I will defend that right as your Governor.

What are your feelings about immigration?

Our immigration system is broken. We must secure our borders and put an end to sanctuary cities in order to keep our citizens safe.

As Governor, I’ll work with President Trump to increase border security, cut funding to sanctuary cities and increase vetting of refugees from Muslim countries.

Together, we’ll support our troops, keep out criminals and terrorists, and keep Florida safe.

What will be your priorities for the state of Florida if you are elected Governor?

Florida’s conservative leadership has created an environment where businesses can create jobs, Floridians can get back to work, and families can prosper. It was conservative principles that cut our state’s unemployment rate in half, and our state is growing once again.

But we’ve got more work to do. I want Florida to be more than a prize for a life well lived somewhere else. I want Florida to be the place where people come to find their piece of the American Dream. I believe Florida can be the launch pad for the American Dream.

And to do that, we must invest in our workforce by providing more opportunities for career and technical training.

Too many students are graduating from college with a pile of debt and a degree they don’t want and can’t use. If we incorporate more opportunities to build skills in middle and high school, these students can pursue good-paying careers with jobs available now right here in Florida.

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Featured photo: Adam Putnam at the range – photo provided