Achille’s Heel – Oklahoma Mayor Suspends Entire Police Force over Arrest of Councilman’s Wife

The town of Achille, Oklahoma has some serious issues, and one situation shows just how bad it has become: Mayor David Northcutt suspended the entire four man police department for a week and stated that termination was an option. He did that because councilman Bryan Baker’s wife Ashley was arrested on possession of firearms charges…because she is a convicted felon. Never mind that the Mayor himself is also a convicted felon.

Ashley Baker claimed that excessive force was used against her and her husband during the arrest. The Board of Trustees will review the footage and see if the charge will stand. Meanwhile, the four officers are on paid leave – but may be terminated.

The Mayor was arrested in October for possession of meth and 1st degree burglary. Ashley was convicted of felony drug charges and spent time in prison. Another councilman, Lynn Chambers, has a record from December for trafficking in meth and possession of a weapon.

The incident began when a tow truck driver reported that Ashley Baker had a 9mm firearm which she put in her purse when he went to repossess her car the week before. Achille police obtained a search warrant. When they went to serve it, a lot of yelling ensued in the chaos.

Blue Lives Matter reported:

“He come running at me with an [AR-15] and I put my hands up. And he hit me right there and we slid across the floor,” Bryan alleged during an interview with KXII.

“I panicked. I was worried for my daughter on what I was going to do with her so she didn’t have to see this,” Ashley told the news outlet.

“I do not feel safe!” the shirtless councilman yelled as he sat on the floor in front of one of the officers. “I want Bryan County officers here now!”

The officer told him that no one was going to harm him, but Bryan continued to scream that he wanted a different department to respond.

“I haven’t resisted! Not resisting!” he yelled without provocation.

Meanwhile, Ashley stood nearby, recording the scene with her cell phone.

Officers found the 9mm weapon and 20 rounds of ammo in the barn on Ashley’s property, but she claimed it wasn’t hers and belonged to someone else. The Bakers claimed the councilman was bruised and had to go to the hospital, but there was no evidence of that on the video taken by Ashley Baker. Bryan Baker was not actually arrested, only Ashley. But she was released just 4 hours after the incident because the police report “hadn’t been filed yet.”

Will the four officers survive arresting a councilman’s wife? Is having several leaders as convicted felons in Achille, Oklahoma a problem? It may be their Achille’s heel.

Featured photo: Councilman Bryan Baker is handcuffed as police execute search warrant over Ashley Baker.