ABUAJ Ride to Islamberg

By Faye Higbee

ABUAJ Ride to Islamberg

Would you like to know about jihadists in America? Are you interested in finding out more on the subject? American Bikers United Against Jihad co-founder, Ram Lubranicki plans a motorcycle ride to Islamberg, New York on May 15. He plans to create a video to educate people on the issue of Muslims in America. And it has already generated controversy.

Riding BY not IN

The ride is scheduled for May 15, and ABUAJ envisions a peaceful ride, no hotheads allowed. They have not released the start point to anyone except serious riders to preclude infiltration or problems.

We spoke to Ram on April 30… which is more than some other “journalists” have done. More on that later.

They have people coming in from Toronto, Boston, Virginia, and Florida for the ride, although exact number of participants is an unknown factor at this point.


Police get wind of the ride

A New York detective caught wind of the ride about a month ago. Ram told us that the New York State Police called him and came down to meet with him and his partner, Lisa. Two members of the New York Counter Terrorism squad met with them for 3 1/2 hours – a meeting Ram and Lisa thoroughly enjoyed.

“They were really nice guys. They have helped us and we appreciate their help.” Ram 

Police will be there to keep the peace and protect everyone. Though Ram told them they were welcome to escort the bikers, police declined, saying they were just going to be there to make sure everyone is safe. ABUAJ is happy to have them there.


ABUAJ is planning to make a video of the ride for educational purposes. A Documentary film maker from Hollywood is scheduled to fly in and film the event.

Ram will have his own cameraman riding next to him to preclude any twisting of the facts by local media. That man will film the entire situation at Islamberg.


Ram’s only concerns are what he calls ‘intangibles.’

“Someone tearing down their sign or trying to actually ride INTO Islamberg is something we don’t want.  We don’t want someone to vandalize their property. They’re already playing the ‘victim’ card, so we have to be aware.” Ram Lubranicki

He says he and Lisa know how to handle media. With police attendance at the event, he is less worried about a disaster.

Media inciting violence

A local reporter for the Daily Star told Muslims and locals to come out in force against the biker ride, and inferred a connection to a man who is in jail for a planned attack on the enclave.

Never mind that the ride never once called for any sort of violence, that didn’t matter.

Joe Maloney of the Daily Star wrote an article about the ride. Later the paper wrote an op-ed about it, stating,

“And it is our hope that anyone else who stands with Islamberg will be waiting for the American Bikers United Against Jihad when their “Ride for National Security” pulls up to the gates of the hamlet.” 

Ram wrote a letter to him in response that read in part,

“We have been extremely clear in our promotion of the ride that our sole purpose is educational only, and we do not condone infringing upon anyone’s rights whatsoever.”

It is this kind of liberal media spin that actually incites and promotes confrontation. It can lead to violence. If that happens, blame should land squarely on the shoulders of  Mr. Maloney.

It is the purpose of ABUAJ to become more active- to grow their platform and help people understand the issues regarding Muslims in America.

May 15, 2016