About Those Plans for “Armed Protests” in all 50 States and DC

The FBI, and various state agencies are gearing up for “armed protests” in all 50 states beginning January 17. Except…they aren’t really in possession of any intelligence that such an event is planned, at least in the 4 states the FBI has jurisdiction over from Boston. Or at least they SAY they don’t have any information. Yet they sent out a memo to law enforcement in all 50 states.

“The FBI has sent a memo to law enforcement agencies across the country warning of possible armed protests at all 50 state Capitols starting Jan. 16, and also says an armed group has threatened to travel to Washington, D.C., the same day and stage an uprising if Congress removes President Donald Trump from office, according to a senior law enforcement official…

…The memo, which was first reported by ABC News, includes information provided by the ATF, DEA, Defense Department, Park Police, and the U.S. Marshals, among other agencies, according to the law enforcement official. Some of the information came from social media, some from open source, and some from other sources of information…

…At this point in time, the FBI Boston Division is not in possession of any intelligence indicating any planned, armed protests at the four state capitals in our area of responsibility. (ME, MA, NH, and RI) from January 17-20, 2021.”


The overwhelming craziness gripping the nation has law enforcement sitting on eggshells, the military fussing over some of the active duty personnel who participated in the DC debacle, and the media foaming at the mouth to see something happen that they can blame on Trump.

There is a poster put up by someone with a twitter handle that included the word “boogaloo” from December 2020 that claims January 17 is the day for armed protests. Naturally that account was blocked when we went to copy it.

One media outlet picked up the story for New Jersey, which is ludicrous. New Jersey has such rigid gun control that any “armed protests” would be swiftly put down.

Cam Edwards, from Bearing Arms had this to say:

The thought of an armed protest in New Jersey is beyond laughable.  At least from the law abiding gun owner’s perspective.  Any show of force in the Garden State would be met with swift action, as gun owners are well aware they would run afoul of the law should they ever attempt such an antic…

…Being engaged in the law abiding firearm community in New Jersey, I did some digging around and there are no such reports of an armed rally or protest in said community. Theresa Inacker, the Communications Director of The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, says she’s heard nothing about a protest either.

Cam Edwards, Bearing Arms

Don’t worry, if anything goes wrong, the law abiding gun owners of New Jersey will be blamed for it. And in DC, the gun laws are just as bad as NJ. Don’t forget that Michigan recently outlawed open carry in Lansing as well.

False Flag = setup?

The real issue here – is this a setup for patriots? There is the admonition to “come armed at your discretion.” Loose lips sink ships, as the saying goes – would real patriots loudly announce they’re coming? Doubtful. Going to all 50 state capitols plus DC is spreading the troops a little thin. There are seriously more effective tactics than this kind of in-your-face method.

There are 15,000 National Guard Troops in DC in preparation for the infamous inauguration and potential violence. They are not armed with pink butterflies and stuffed unicorns.

Here is the counter to that first poster:

Facebook post via Wayne Kotomori

So here we are in the midst of a battle – tough to know who to believe and who to ignore. My advice? Ignore anyone attempting to get you to do an “armed protest” in the state capitols of America. We must be more united than we are right now, and we must have better cooperation and communication. As long as they can divide us like this, we cannot fight back effectively.


Featured photo: (File) Screenshot from Jan 6 in DC

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