A Tale of Two Cities: Grafton, IL vs Minneapolis, MN

Faye Higbee

Two Cities in our nation are highly divergent: Grafton, IL and Minneapolis, MN. Grafton, IL gave up their raises in order to give their police department raises. Minneapolis is still trying to abolish their police department.

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Minneapolis, MN

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Minneapolis has been attempting to completely remove their police since the infamous George Floyd incident last year. The left wing council defunded many parts of the Minneapolis Police Department and a severe spike in crime ensued throughout the city. The MPD has been losing officers at an unprecedented rate. Citizens sued, and on July 1, a Hennepin County judge ordered the city to “immediately” hire more police officers. That didn’t set well with the lefties on the Minneapolis city council.

The Minneapolis city charter requires a police force with a minimum of 723 officers. Judge Jamie L. Anderson ruled that the city council and mayor had failed to follow a “clearly” imposed legal duty by allowing the force to drop below that number. But instead of following Judge Anderson’s ruling, now they plan to change the city’s charter. The Policy and Government Oversight committee voted to place the ”amendment to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a Department of Public safety” on the ballot for November 2, 2021.

Grafton, IL

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Grafton, IL leadership is the exact opposite of Minneapolis. When the city fell $60,000 short of being able to give their police officers a raise under the budget, the Mayor, city attorney, and police chief forfeited their raises so that the police officers could receive a much needed raise.

Before being elected in May, [Mayor Michael] Morrow ran on the campaign promise to forfeit his salary to the police department. In a recent budget meeting, the city came up about $60,000 short on affording raises, so Grafton attorney Will Miller spoke up to donate his salary too.

“Our police chief said he would forgo his pay raise and also my city manager and our city maintenance officer manager donated their… pay raises also,” Morrow said. “It was unanimously passed, the budget, and we’re very happy to say that our police officers will be getting their raises.”

“I decided… to donate my salary back which would help alleviate the short-term budget deficit which would allow the mayor’s budget to pass,” Miller chimed in.

Grafton police chief Eric Spanton expressed that being able to break the news to his officers that they’d be receiving their well-earned raises “means a lot.”

Fox news

The city of Grafton also has a contingent of citizens that voluntarily help beautify their city, supplying needed equipment for their parks department. The city is a patriotic, police supporting community that works together to support and help each other.

”We need our police. At any one weekend during the summer, we can have over 5,000 people come to our town to visit…There’s an outgoing of support, volunteerism and patriotism in the town and that goes throughout every business and every person that lives here. We’re very, very fortunate.”

Grafton Mayor Michael Morrow


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