A Special Memorial Will Be at the 2021 Army-Navy Game: A Flag Made With Over 7,000 Dog Tags

Faye Higbee
2021 Army-Navy

The 2021 Army-Navy game, the annual football tradition between the two services will be held tomorrow, December 11, at 12 p.m. Eastern. Though those who follow such things say the Army has the edge this year, the Navy Midshipmen always hope to upset the favored team. At the game will be a special display: a 28 ft by 6 ft American flag made entirely out of dogs tags of the fallen from the Global War on Terror.

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In this screenshot you can see the memorial is made of dog tags of the Fallen from the Gobal War on Terror

The memorial is a traveling exhibit from the VAU- Veterans and Athletes United, whose President is retired US Army Captain James Howard. It spent Nov 4-10 at the US Marine Corps Museum, and will now be present at the 2021 Army-Navy football rivalry at Met Life Stadium in the New Jesery Meadowlands. Also during this year’s Army-Navy game will be a special tribute to SEAL Team 8 Cmdr Bourgeois, who died recently in a training accident.

The memorial is an American flag design that’s comprised of over 7,000 dog tags — and it made a stop at Fox News Square right outside Fox’s headquarters in midtown Manhattan on Friday…

The memorial travels all over the nation, he explained, bringing greater awareness about our American heroes and all that they’ve done for our nation through their service and dedication.

The unique flag design was created several years ago. It’s 28 feet wide by six feet tall. 

The memorial honors the families of those lost as well.

The reaction to the traveling memorial, said Howard, “is pretty amazing” when people see it. “It’s humbling to be a part of this.”

“It really brings reflection and healing” once people find the unique dog tag associated with their own deceased loved one, he also said. 


The VAU hopes to create a second flag memorial for the West. They could also use volunteers to help transport the memorial.


Featured photo: screenshot via US Marine Corps Museum

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