A Serial Shooter in Colorado?

By Faye Higbee

The FBI and local police won’t comment, but the public is concerned that a serial shooter maybe loose in within a 15  mile area around Windsor and Loveland, Colorado. A man was found dead on a sidewalk  in Loveland late Wednesday, and police are investigating for any link to two other  shootings.

serial shooter

A sheriff”s deputy looks for evidence in the shooting death of John Jacoby on May 18 = ABC news photo

First two incidents

The first two shootings  have been linked, although no details were released regarding that linkage. Cori Romero, 20, was driving on I-25 on Aprill 22, and was shot in the neck. She survived, after she was able to pull over and call 911.

The next incident was a bicyclist, John Jacoby, 48, who was shot and killed on May 18 along a “rural” road in Windsor. It was the first homicide in Windsor in eight years. That shooting was just 5 miles from Romero’s incident.

3rd victim?

On Wednesday June 3, the victim found dead on a sidewalk in Loveland was William Connole, 65, who habitually took walks at night to help himself sleep. Paramedics were unable to save his life.

“We don’t have any specific information from the shooting that occurred here last night that this case is related.” Loveland Police Chief Luke Hecker

All of the shootings were within 15 miles of each other. Police did indicate that there were enough similarities to the other two shootings, that they were looking for a link.

The FBI would not comment on how they linked the first two investigations, but there appeared to be no personal connections between Jacoby and Romero. Likely if this is a random shooter, the best method of connection would be ballistics, if the bullets were indeed located.

Is this a serial shooter?

There have been a series of broken windows along I -25, though police have not found evidence as to whether the windows were shot out.

Friends and relatives of those who have been killed are worried that more people will be targeted. A random shooter is a tough one- difficult to profile their movements and targets. But sooner or later, they will trip themselves up and make a mistake. Sooner rather than later, we hope.