A life that mattered

By Ioannis Stratakis

Thoughts combined with some ugly truths regarding the death of Daniel Harris…a life that mattered.

A gas station getting burned during the Milwaukee riots.

The public is in shock and there are protests organized nationwide after a fatal police shooting. That was the news regarding the justified and lawful killing of an armed felon by police officers in Milwaukee.

This is a tragic incident from Charlotte, North Carolina, in which a police officer fatally shot a deaf man for failing to obey his commands, after pulling him over.

Daniel Harris on the left and Trooper Saunders on the right

The reasons why it won’t be featured on your 8 o’clock news tonight are quite a few. To begin with, this is an actual tragedy in which there are only casualties. A family lost a beloved father, husband, brother and son. Society in total, lost a social, friendly and productive individual, at least that’s the narrative we have before all the facts are in.

No riots, no looting, just vigils

The aftermath of his death hasn’t caused riots and looting. His family, friends and other people who were touched by the story, quietly gathered to mourn his lost.

No one called for the killing of police officers and his family didn’t demand chaos to reign through the area in order to “celebrate” his memory.

Instead, as they are rightfully angered and frustrated about the incident, they are following the proper way to get answers-and justice, if there is foul play found-regarding the lost of their loved one.

Doesn’t fit the narrative of the media

The last reason, which is the most disturbing by the way, is that since the victim was white and the police officer black,  the case just doesn’t meet the standards required by the narrative of the media.

Wear a uniform, become a moving target

The sad truth is that many lives are ruined by this incident, including Trooper Saunders. It is common sense that in this era, where you’re practically a moving target if you are in uniform, you can’t be relaxed while performing your duties.

A pursuit that ended in tragedy

He pursued a vehicle when the driver failed to stop for speeding and when the pursuit stopped the driver exited the vehicle and moved towards him. We assume he was trying to communicate in sign language.

Out of personal experience, since the high school I attended (in Greece) also had a hearing-impaired people(with their own teachers etc), I was around people who communicated through sign language quite a bit.

Let me tell you that it is quite possible to assume that someone who is trying to communicate to you through sign language is reaching for something or that he is behaving aggressively towards you.
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Neither side at fault

What happened -in my personal opinion, given the facts so far- was neither sides fault. Both of them tried to act in the way they saw fit. Nevertheless all the people involved, either directly or indirectly in this incident, will be scarred for life.

A real issue ignored

Unfortunately, Harris’s family will not be paid a visit by any White House officials even though this case indicated an actual problem, a flaw in the system that must be fixed and should be fixed immediately in order to benefit both hearing-impaired community as well as the officers who will have to interact with them.

You see, nowadays people in high places seem to have other priorities and addressing real issues doesn’t seem to be one. In the end, Harris’s family and community response to the incident speaks volumes, though they had every right to be mad towards the police for what happened they mourned in dignity and are moving forward to get their answers and fix the problem.

Had Harris been a career criminal who was shot by police officers while committing a crime and his family reaction advocating looting and riots this would be all over the news 24/7.

Then again his family was described by neighbors as a peaceful, decent family. You can now draw your own conclusions regarding other cases.


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