A Latino Immigrant-US Marine’s Explanation of Constitutional Rights and Oath

By Rick Ferran

Tank, here. I’m a Latino immigrant, a US. Marine Veteran, and a Communist survivor. I have noticed there seems to be some confusion over the purpose of the Constitution, the rights in it, and the Oath taken by our Military and veterans. In layman’s terms, millions of Americans have sacrificed not only themselves, but also their families.

Children grew up without fathers and mothers, wives lost their husbands, and parents lost their children so that we can live in the greatest country on God’s green earth.

It’s been hell these seven years.  Even if you didn’t face financial problems you still can feel the cloud of debt hanging over us, the 20 trillion dollars that won’t go away.

Communist/Socialist Ideas to blame

And here is the dilemma we face: there is a large majority of our population who are unwilling to come to terms with the FACT that most, if not all, of our problems have been caused by communist/socialist ideas and corruption… the same ideas propagated by the Clintons and Obamas.

Communist organizations, and even powerful elites with their own world domination like Soros, are involved in every inch of our policies.

These folks are unwilling to look in the mirror and take responsibility for letting a liberal lame stream media tell them how to think and what to think.

It is their responsibility for placing their anointed one “Mr. O” above the law and the rest of his incompetent cabal of thieves and liars.

Constitutional rights and the oath to defend them

Safe spaces and freedom of speech zones are enacted by the same liberals, who express their socialist/communist ideas to bring more oppression and more tyranny , more safe spaces, more government control of our lives.

So, I have to remind you people, I took an oath .. That oath is to defend our “constitution,” not the Communist liberal across the street who wants to take my guns, not the Moslem two streets down who wants shariah law, and definitely not some millionaire football player who supports the Castro dictatorship.

See folks, it’s really simple, the oath we took was to defend our country and this marvelous perfection of human God given rights. We are to protect our constitution against “enemies” foreign and “domestic,” that’s right … domestic.”

That means anyone who has a problem with 1. Our country and 2. Our God given rights in the Constitution.

I can’t make it any simpler than that. Our fallen gave their lives so their grandchildren wouldn’t have to live under socialism/communism. They gave their lives so their daughters wouldn’t have to be treated like dogs under shariah law, or for some privileged millionaire to support communist dictators.

Giving it all

Our fallen and their families have given it all, 22 veterans a day commit suicide, we have veterans being basically murdered through the poor treatment under the government owned VA system. We have homeless veterans, wounded veterans on waiting list to receive benefits and I can tell you with every inch of my bones that none of them sacrificed for a corrupt government, or a corrupt politician.

They sacrificed for the symbol of what a red, white, and blue cloth and the national anthem represents to not only we the people, but also the whole world.

God Bless America!!!!

Tank US Marine and Communist Survivor