A former Texas judge whose power went to his head

By Faye Higbee

Galveston, Texas – Behind bars is where former Texas judge Christopher Michael Dupuy spent his 4th of July, after posting  sex-for-hire ads about his ex-girlfriends online in order to seek revenge. He was arrested in Galveston on July 2.

texas judge

Christopher Michael Dupuy – Galveston County Jail photo

Dupuy served as a Texas state judge between 2010 and 2013 until he was charged with multiple counts of lying under oath and abusing his office. Then he went to work as an attorney while on 2 years of probation from those charges.

Officials found evidence of his activity  on his computer, in spite of the software he used to hide his IP address.  This time he was charged with 2 felony counts of online impersonation (harassment).

“Don Tequila”

Under the name Don Tequila, Dupuy posted  pictures of his girlfriends along with advertisements that he purchased under the fake name. They were reportedly sex for hire ads posted on backpage.com. Ok, ads for “Escorts.” Prosecutors say the photos were posted as an attempt to harass the women.

According to court documents reported by YourHouston.com, Dupuy took Facebook photos from the women’s accounts, along with one that was texted to him, to purchase the ads. Those ads even included the women’s phone numbers.

One woman, who had dated Dupuy previously when she was single,  hired him to prepare her divorce.

The Huffington Post reported,

When she declined to rekindle the romance, she said Dupuy started harassing her on Facebook by sending photos with insulting remarks. She broke off all communication with Dupuy after the divorce was finalized, at which point, an ad with her phone number appeared on Backpage.com promising “a sexy nurse” who was “very fetish friendly.”

Another ad that investigators traced to Dupuy featured pictures of the second woman’s breasts. She told police she’d broken up with the suspect last August and that she texted the photos while they were dating, but said he’d been harassing her since the break-up…

He remains in custody  on $600,000 bail.

Here is the search warrant and affidavit

Search Warrant and Affidavit.pdf