A ‘Dream Vacation’ – Get Thrown in Iranian Prison

By Faye Higbee

Iran has been preparing to spend $25 billion on their tourist industry, you know, the one that will be revitalized after the nuclear deal? They may wish to hold off on that, since  one more Iranian-American, Siamak Namizi, said to be around 40, is now in a Tehran jail after a visit on October 15. Go to Iran, get thrown in jail. Everybody’s dream vacation.

Iranian prison

Siamak Namizi, an Iranian-American businessman was arrested on October 15 – Twitter Photo

Iranian prison

Siamak Namazi went to visit a family friend in Tehran earlier in October and was arrested- which now makes at least 4 Americans languishing in Iranian jails. Namazi is a businessman based out of Dubai, but carries dual citizenship, which is not recognized by Iran.

No charges have been brought against him yet, and authorities in Iran aren’t saying what he supposedly did that is worthy of incarceration.

The Washington Post wrote,

Namazi, the son of a former governor in the oil-rich Iranian province of Khuzestan, comes from a prominent Iranian family. Namazi’s family came to the United States in 1983 when he was a boy, and he later returned to Iran after graduating from college to serve in the Iranian military. He has consulted on business opportunities in Iran for more than a decade.

A relative of Namazi’s said the family had tried to keep the arrest private, and the relative declined to comment. Word of the arrest of an unnamed Iranian American businessman was first reported by Iran Wire on Oct. 15. Namazi was named as the one who was arrested in several tweets by Iranian Americans earlier this month.

Now what?

The State Department, being the transparent agency that they are, did not comment other than to say they were “looking into the reports.” But the arrest comes just as the implementation of the nuclear deal begins. And it shows that Iran is not concerned in any way about  International relations, and specifically shows contempt for the United States.

Friends of Namazi say that he was likely a “target of opportunity,” from whom Iran could make a point.

For its part, Iran says none of the arrests of Iranian-Americans should deter people from visiting  their country. One Iranian official declared, “Iran is safe for Iranian-Americans…Thousands visit Iran regularly. These situations rarely happen, and we hope they can all be resolved.”

Sure, resolve them like they have Pastor Saeed Abedini, Marine Amir Hekmati, and Journalist Jason Rezaian. The regime is not particularly “resolution” friendly.