95 yr old WWII Veteran Whacks Would-be Robber with his Cane

By Faye Higbee

Manchester, Massachusetts – Arthur Kemberis, 95,  a WWII veteran who served at Okinawa, went to the drugstore to pick up his wife’s prescription. A man followed him out of the pharmacy and demanded his wallet.  Maybe not such a smart idea.

“He was not aggressive. He didn’t lay his hands on me other than he wanted to reach in this pocket to get the wallet…I had my credit card, my license, my grandchildren’s pictures in there and all sorts of stuff it would have been wicked for me to replace.”

wwii veteran

Arthur Kemberis took care of a wannabe robber with his cane

He offered the man some loose change, but that didn’t seem to satisfy him, so Kemberis whacked the robber on the arm several times with his cane.

“I was very nervous. I hit him three or four times on the arm … the cop told me you should have hit him on the head!”

At that point, a driver passing by stopped his car and got out to help. The wannabe robber fled the scene. Mr. Kemberis thanked the driver:

“I told him what a splendid thing he [the driver] tried to do because something worse could’ve happened.”

The police said that Mr. Kemberis is fortunate to have walked away from the incident unharmed. But from the WWII veteran’s point of view, h’ell be changing up his routine a bit.

“When I go out alone, my 357 magnum will be with me all the time.”

After reviewing surveillance footage from the drugstore, police are looking for the suspect, a white male, 5 ft 10 inches, about 165 lbs.


Suspect from the attempted robbery – surveillance photo

Though Kemberis says he isn’t good enough shape to fight, I’ve a hunch that facing down the Japanese at Okinawa made this little incident a piece of cake. The Battle of Okinawa is considered one of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific Theater of WWII; 82 days long, thousands of casualties on both sides. Well done, Sir, thank you for your service.


Arthur Kemberis during WWII