4 The Fallen – Helping Veterans Overcome

By Faye Higbee

There are few things more life-changing than seeing the face of a veteran who suddenly has a new lease on life. That’s what drives Adam Rummel to be a volunteer for a non-profit called 4 The Fallen. We caught up with him on February 14 to talk about his passion and that of the organization for helping veterans.


The organization was started by Retired Army Veterans Maj. Greg Zayas and SFC Jaime Fregozo.

They now have roughly 18 softball teams made up of current and former military, as well as professional softball players, that participate in various venues from military to charity events.

“We need to help our veterans and not just line the pockets of those within the organization. We’re small, but we’re growing.” Adam Rummel

The organization helps find service dogs for vets with PTSD, or prosthetic devices for wounded veterans. If there is an amputee who needs a prosthetic, they  can help. If they need a dog to be their best friend, they can help.

“It’s rewarding because we get to see the end result. One minute they contemplate ending their life, and the next minute their new best friend is giving them a new lease on life. That’s what matters.” Adam

The day it became personal

Adam told us that his father in law, an Army veteran, died of cancer in 2016. He loved sports, kids, and veterans, and that’s when it hit him that he needed to do something more to support veterans and be part of something bigger than himself.

At first he got involved in the coffee industry, selling PLB Coffee– Stars and Stripes Blend – a portion of each bag sold goes to 4 The Fallen. It wasn’t enough.

But now he is 100% focused and working hard to obtain help for wounded veterans and civil service members, and families of the fallen.

 “The goal and commitment of our organization is to help those service members and their families who have suffered from life altering injuries.” 4 The Fallen website

Their Facebook page is here.
They have numerous important programs, all run by volunteers:

  • Service Dog Program
  • Prosthetics Program
  • Veteran Advocate services
  • Family Support Program

Patriotic Service Dog Foundation

They have been working with the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation to supply animals.

One veteran was ready to give up when 4 The Fallen helped him get a Service dog. That Service dog changed the man’s entire outlook on life.

“Don’t forget that there are real people who need somebody to help them through those dark times. It’s extremely sad to see the statistics of those who have given up. It would only take one person, or a Service animal to help.” Adam

4 The Fallen helps veterans obtain Service Dogs

Prosthetic Devices

Freedom Innovations, a company that creates prosthetic feet and legs, recently donated an undisclosed number of feet to the organization. With yearly donations of prosthetic limbs, the group could increase the number of people they help.

“The type of prosthetic given by the VA to veterans are not good for high impact activities. So we get them ones that are. We have one veteran who lost his arm and can now play on a Louisville Sluggers warrior team, and another who lost a leg is a CrossFit beast.”

Golf Tournament

The organization is sponsoring its 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament in Orange County, California on February 24. They held one in the Tacoma area in Western Washington previously.

Henry DiCarlo from KTLA is set to be the MC.  Singer-songwriter Kai Kalama from American Idol, and an Honor Guard from Camp Pendleton will be at the event, along with many veterans. It will be held February 24 at 9 a.m. at the Tijeras Creek Golf Club in Rancho Santa Margarita. There’s even a “Million dollar hole in one challenge.”


It’s refreshing to see an organization truly motivated to help our veterans. The big organizations have high overhead and pay exorbitant salaries to their CEOs. Consequently, not enough money goes to the programs.

“We’ve had overwhelming support from corporations, and other groups in the last 30 days. There may come a day when we have to pay someone, but right now we are an all volunteer organization. We do this because we’re focused on that end result…making veteran’s lives better and saving them.”  Adam Rummel