3rd Man Charged in Texas attack on Drawing Contest

By Faye Higbee

A Federal indictment was handed down on Phoenix resident Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem for his role in the April shooting at  the Draw Mohammad Contest in Garland, Texas.

texas attack

Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem

Aiding the terrorists

According to the 3 count indictment, Kareem is accused of conspiring with the two shooters months before the incident… as far back as January 7, when terrorists attacked the cartoonists Charlie Hebdo in France. He is accused of providing weapons and ammunition to the two men, Elton Simpson and Nadir Hamid Soofi, as well as going with them out into the desert to practice their shooting skills.

He invited the two men to his home in order to discuss the Texas contest, and plotted to attack it. One week prior to the contest, they received a call to arms from a Somali terrorist, but federal officials say they were plotting to attack the contest long before that.

The men discussed travel plans to the Texas event. The FBI confronted him a few days after the Garland shooting, but wasn’t arrested until Thursday. He is charged with conspiracy, transporting firearms across state lines with the intent to commit a felony, and providing false statements to federal agents. He is set to appear in Federal court on June 16.

The Phoenix Islamic Center

Kareem owns a Valley carpet-cleaning and moving business. He was a part-time attendee at the Phoenix Islamic Center. And he is not the only one with that connection who has run afoul of the FBI – they have investigated the center for years.

The FBI went to the center after the Texas attacks and showed photos  of approximately 2 dozen people to the attendees. They are investigating the shooter’s network in a wider investigation to determine if any others were involved.

Muslims who attend the mosque and their president, Usama Shami, claim that there is no radicalization taking place in their sermons or practices.  But Shami acknowledges that the FBI “has my number.” Others acknowledged that there are radical views in the valley.

AZCentral wrote back in May,

Within the past 10 years, a Valley Muslim was convicted in federal court on similar charges, while another was sentenced to prison in a terrorism case….

Shami said he has no problem with the FBI sending agents and informants into the mosque and tells the bureau “the mosque is the first line of defense, not the breeding ground or recruitment center.”

“The problem is if you send somebody to spy as an informant, they can instigate, he said. “That’s my problem. They’re putting ideas in the heads of people.”

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