3000 Paratroopers Move to Poland: White House Says Invasion Imminent

Faye Higbee

The White House ordered 3000 paratroopers to Poland, citing increased tensions with Russia. A report from PBS stated that Putin had already decided to invade Ukraine, something which the Pentagon denied, but said that the invasion could very well come during the Olympics. The 3000 Paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division will join the 3000 other troops already staged in Poland, Germany and Romania. The State Department has been making calls to the 30,000 or so Americans in Ukraine, urging them to vacate the country within the next 24-48- hours (Fox update). Meanwhile, Biden will hold a call with Putin Saturday morning.

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Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen Milley held a phone call with his counterpart Chief of Russian General Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov. According to the statement by the Joint Chiefs of Staff Public Affairs office, the two “discussed several security-related issues of concern. In accordance with past practice, both have agreed to keep the specific details of their conversation private.” Funny how Republicans aren’t allowed to hold a private conversation with foreign officials, but a man who deliberately backstabbed a sitting President gets to do it with nary a complaint.

Russians could reach Kyiv within 48 hours. Map screenshot via Sky News

The Ukrainian military is tense and “on edge,” according to reports. But one Ukrainian official didn’t seem ruffled:

Besides increasing the number of battalion tactical groups around Ukraine and continuing keeping diplomatic and political pressure on, nothing has changed,” said the official, speaking anonymously to provide an assessment of the situation.

He cited a combination of weather not conducive to armor vehicle movements, ongoing U.S. and allied diplomacy, regional military movements, internal Russian dissent and fear of a wider conflict as reasons.

Military Times

Is this movement of paratroopers and soldiers a distraction to pull our attention from withering high inflation and continuing tyrannical actions, and Biden’s fear of a massive truckers’ convoy that may be headed to DC this month? Biden is calling Putin from Camp David instead of the White House situation room. That’s telling. People are beginning to rebel, and Biden can’t have that, so the war talk is upgraded. Their pushing could very well cause Putin to at least do that “minor incursion.”

And then again, some of Putin’s own are beginning to rebel as well.

The Russian troop movements show the possibility, but not the finality of a potential invasion. Putin wants some guarantees that Ukraine will not join NATO, but NATO members aren’t willing to give that to him. Hence the expensive chess game, played with soldiers and paratroopers.


Featured screenshot of Biden and Putin

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