2 US Military advisers killed in Afghanistan, 2 Military trainers killed in Jordan

By Faye Higbee

Two military advisers were killed during a raid against “senior” Taliban fighters in Afghanistan on Thursday. Two U.S. military trainers were killed and a third wounded by Jordanian troops at the entrance to King Faisal Air Base in Jordan on Friday.


The two US service members killed were participating in a joint US Special Forces/Afghan Forces raid to clear out Taliban in the Kunduz region of Afghanistan.

US airstrikes were called in during the raid, which targeted two top Taliban members. Twenty-six civilians were also killed in the incident.

Fox reported,

The target of the raid appeared to be two senior Taliban commanders killed in the fighting among 65 insurgents, Kunduz police chief Gen. Qasim Jangalbagh said. He said Afghan special forces carried out the raid and that he did not have any information about NATO involvement in the assault.

U.S. officials did not immediately identify the service members who died. The Pentagon reported it would investigate some Afghans’ accusations the U.S. military killed innocent people in the airstrikes.


Two U.S. Military trainers were killed and one wounded in gunfire from Jordanian troops at the entrance to the King Faisal Air Base. Jordan has claimed the vehicle did not stop when it was supposed to, so troops opened fire.

CBS reported,

The agency later dropped the reference to a vehicle failing to stop at a gate, saying only that the two U.S. trainers were killed and a third injured in an “exchange” of gunfire. Petra and other Jordanian media also said a Jordanian guard was injured.

A Jordanian military source reiterated to CBS News, however, that the incident occurred at a gate to the base, when a vehicle carrying the trainers failed to stop. 

Jordan is a US ally, and attacks on military there are rare. The Jordanians say this may have been an accidental shooting, but the circumstances surrounding it are “unclear.”

Names were not yet released on either incident.