12 Rounds Brewing Company Bombarded by Liberal Haters

Faye Higbee
12 rounds brewing
12 Rounds Facebook photo

Breitbart reports that 12 Rounds Brewing Company in Sacramento, California has been bombarded with liberal haters since they shared an Uncle Sam’s Video of the Women’s March, along with a comment. A local liberal so-called “Journalist” shared their post along with a sarcastic comment and the attack began.

Now, Daniel Murphy, owner of 12 Rounds Brewing Company, sits on the edge of losing his business after three minority investors, Matt Nurge, Sonny Mayugba and John Bays, pulled out of the company over the row.

In his first apology, Daniel stated,

Hello everyone. I want to make it clear that I have nothing but the utmost respect for women. You can ask my wife, my employees and my friends. I posted on my personal page that I am tired of seeing people protest and in some cases, riot, because Trump won. My understanding is that the Women’s March was to protest Trump. I just want people to all get along and move forward. I am sorry if I offended anyone. I had no intention of doing that.


His apologies fell on deaf ears. He lives in a “blue state” and though there are Conservatives in California, the liberals run the show. And as we have been telling you all, liberals have no mercy or sympathy for anyone.

Daniel shut down his personal Facebook page on Tuesday after the vicious remarks and threats left on it. His First Amendment right has been trampled beneath unrelenting liberal hate.

Here are just 3 examples:

Donna Fisher    Not coming there anymore you are all racist pigs shame i hope your company takes a big loss

Johnny Bryla HAHAAH hahaha, see what happens when you’re a stupid fucking retarded misogynistic Trump-loving dickhead? NO second chances for YOU, asshole!

Bruce del Oeste Motherfucker please.
You’re a vile racist misogynist homophobic piece of shit and now the whole world knows it.

And those are the tame ones. Clicking on some of the names of the haters reveals people who want Trump and Trump supporters to die. The vile words of the left have take a huge toll on the Murphy’s and their business. The libs are hoping to send this business into bankruptcy.

We’d like to encourage any of our supporters to visit this establishment and have a beer with these folks. Anyone up for protecting their business?

Here is the video that the owner shared: